The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

It may seem a bit random to have a page on here devoted to female hair loss but having struggled with this myself for over a year, I have become positively evangelical on the subject! 

It’s a miserable condition that can leave a woman’s confidence and self-esteem in tatters.  Despite a number of celebrities raising its profile recently, it still remains a taboo subject and so, sadly, one surrounded by confusion.

Over the past year, I have consulted endless GPs, a private trichologist, a dermatologist and even an endocrinologist in my quest to find a solution.  In the process, I have come to realise that there are many other women suffering with the same thing, also finding it hard to get anyone to help them.  The recent coverage about the state of the NHS make it even more apparent why an issue that’s often regarded as fairly trivial isn’t high on the list of priorities for busy, maxed out doctors.  The upshot is that women are often left to try and tackle this problem alone, which can make them vulnerable to those offering ‘miracle cures’, as well as feeling isolated.

I eventually decided to set up a support group for women on my compound here in the Middle East who are experiencing the same thing.  I interviewed some of my new friends and wrote about it.  I submitted the article to my writing tutor, who told me in my feedback that medication she was once given for back pain had given her a dose of hair loss.  At last the penny dropped- medication I had been taking for so long I barely thought about it turned out to be the cause of my own problems.  Happily my hair loss has stopped.

It seems to be that there is great value in talking about our problems with one another and swapping ideas.  This was where I found my answer, not in the aisles of a chemist or even at the doctors.  That said, I do encourage everyone to make the doctors their first port of call.  You may get ideas and tips from friends and forums but it’s important to consult your doctor about any chosen course of action to avoid being swept along by something that may, at best, waste your money and, at worst, cause more damage.

Having gained a certain amount of knowledge along the way (whilst having no qualifications, I should point out), I have put together an information sheet containing everything I have learnt on this subject.  You can find it here. It’s intended to be read, printed off, shared, emailed, whatever helps, in the hope that it might provide some answers to others, or at least get them on the right track.  Remember, you aren’t alone.  There are lots of us with this problem and most should find a solution, with a bit of help.


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